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The Mermaid invest in Bose’s RoomMatch audio system 

The Mermaid Conference Centre, Auditorium
Recognised as one of the finest events and conference venues in central London, The Mermaid has invested £60k in upgrading The Auditorium’s audio system, making it the only venue in the UK showcasing Bose’s latest technology.
The new audio system provides vocal reinforcement for presentations and PA announcements, as well as for recorded and live music. The high fidelity sound delivers on clarity, projection, even sound coverage and distribution of low frequency throughout The Auditorium’s 600 tiered seating. 

The Bose system consists of six Bose RoomMatch modules which form an array to left and to right, with ground stacked bass modules to each side.  The system is powered by three Bose PowerMatch amplifiers, and DSP via a Bose ControlSpace ESP-00, with an AES input card to allow digital input from a separate mixing desk. The new audio system will be showcased in front of 300 event organisers at the River Rooms 1st birthday party next Thursday 16th October.

The Mermaid’s technical manager, Andy Munro, commented: “We selected the Bose system as it is custom built for The Auditorium and offers a great impactful sound for all scenarios, especially when additional bass is required.  Sound coverage is excellent, with music and speech reaching every seat in the house, which enhances the enjoyment and experience of delegates and guests. The consistency of coverage and reliability of the system helps to alleviate some of the pressures on the technical team, and with such intuitive controls, we have felt a solid reassurance during all the events where the system has been used.”

At September’s UK Adult ADHD Network International Conference (UKAAN), attended by 300 delegates, was one of the first events to use The Mermaid’s new audio equipment. UKAAN’s administrator, Sue Curtis commented on the event:  “Over the course of the 3 day event, the sound system provided a consistently clear vocal intelligibility for all speeches and videos throughout the space. Overall, the experience more than delivered on our expectations.”

Also benefitting from this technology will be BBC Radio 2 Concert Orchestra, recorded and broadcast for the Radio 2 audience from The Mermaid as well as by ChristChurch London, which hold two weekly Sunday services in the venue’s Auditorium.

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