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Québec City Convention Centre and Université Laval fruitful partnership

In June 2014, CHU de Québec Research Centre researcher and Université Laval professor Dr. Martin Simard played a key role in making the RNA Society’s annual meeting at the Québec City Convention Centre a success.
The event attracted 900 scientists interested in the study of ribonucleic acid (RNA). A partnership agreement between the Convention Centre and Université Laval facilitates the organization of such events in cooperation with researchers. Dr. Martin Simard received a $3,000 donation for his involvement in hosting the RNA Society’s 19th Annual Meeting. The enhanced visibility generated is a good example of CHU de Québec’s increasingly international profile.

Swapping his researcher hat for that of meeting ambassador, Dr. Martin Simard had previously advocated for Québec City at the Society’s last conference in Kyoto in 2011, persuading the RNA Society to hold the event in Québec City. He then became involved in pre-meeting promotion and organization. Delighted with the experience, he explains why he contributed to the project.

“Hosting an international conference definitely helps increase our institution’s visibility and raise its international profile. My goal is to organize an unforgettable large-scale scientific and social meeting for attendees and introduce RNA Society members to our beautiful City of Québec. Playing host to an international event is an exceptional opportunity to actively contribute to scientific life in our field and a great showcase for increasing our visibility among peers.”

“In the highly competitive world of research, the recognition gained by organizing successful events enhances our reputation, which is built mainly on the quality of our scientific work but also on our contribution to the community. What’s more, part of our job as researchers is to make information more accessible and help people better understand that what we do is essential to advancing biomedical research that contributes to patient wellbeing down the road.”

“The high turnout at the event was in part thanks to the location in northeastern North America, the easy (and affordable) access for many research groups, and the beauty of the venue and city. We worked with a professional conference organization firm, which helped us avoid the kinds of logistical errors that less experienced organizers like us might have made. Our strength lies in science and developing scientific content. And with Simple Meeting’s help, the organizing committee was able to focus its efforts on this aspect of the conference.”

“But from the start of this adventure, I especially benefitted from the support services of Québec City's Meeting Ambassadors Circle and the Québec City Convention Centre. They were instrumental in preparing Québec City’s bid to host the meeting and assisted me throughout the process. Their support helped ensure all researchers had a great experience, with a minimum of effort. I sincerely thank them for their help.”

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