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New show design and innovative entrance revealed for the launch of Home Autumn at Olympia

Home entrance tunnel (Credit Jon Cefai)
Organisers at Clarion have revealed new design features for Home’s Autumn launch, co-locating for the season for the first time alongside Top Drawer at Olympia London from 14 to 16 September. New elements including an innovative new entrance tunnel, new welcome reception area and new cafés will maximise the impact of Home and create the finest experience for trade audiences.  

Ian Rudge, Business Development Director, Retail Portfolio, at Clarion events, said: “The challenge is to ensure buyers realise we have added a whole new show alongside top drawer this autumn, visitors must easily understand where it is and what is in it. To achieve this we have created a new entrance to the show that delivers visitors right to the point where the two shows meet, between Olympia Grand and Olympia National.”

Clarion has also created a brand new reception area with clear views of both shows. While the arrival experience will immerse visitors in the show’s content from the very start, with lighting, visuals and music curated for Home and Top Drawer by Clarion’s award-winning designers, the design has a practical purpose too.

“It is important to challenge, surprise and entertain, which is what good design can support, its also important to focus on practical elements that make a genuine difference to the buyer experience, particularly within a trade event. We have applied the expertise of our award winning designers to solve a problem as well as create some excitement. Our solution makes it easier for buyers to orientate themselves and makes it quicker to enter the show,” said Mr Rudge.

The entrance, built by Freeman and Stitch Exhibition Fabrics, takes visitors directly from the street to the show, something that has been made newly possible by the transition of events from Earls Court to Olympia. “We employed the entrance very successfully at Earls Court when we launched Home in January alongside Top Drawer at Earls Court. The difference at Olympia is that the tunnel is shorter and more dramatic,” he said.

A considered approach to design is also a hugely important aspect of the shows’ interiors, where aesthetics work towards immersing and inspiring the audience in elegant ways. Caterers, designers and stylists have worked together to ensure every element is considered and co-ordinated, right from the design of the counters to the high quality of the food. VIP buyers’ lounge will also be styled by Ella Doran, internationally renowned designer and exhibitor, meaning buyers will experience the show’s content at every turn.

Top Drawer and Home Autumn will be followed by three co-located Clarion shows from its retail portfolio in Spring 2015. Craft, the contemporary craft and design show the company launched in January, will be held alongside Top Drawer and Home, in the connected yet distinct venue of Olympia Central. More innovative design features are planned for the shows. 

“Having moved all three events to Olympia we can utilise the entire venue, on both levels.

This allows us to locate complimentary elements of the show together, so craft, fashion and new talents will all be located on level one creating a compelling destination for a large proportion of our visitors. Again, we will be creating cafés, lounges, features and theatres in this area to ensure the best possible visitor experience,” said Mr Rudge.

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