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Pro Sky turns regional airport into an event hub for 7,500 guests

Pro Sky turns regional airport into an event hub for 7,500 guests
Who says that event destinations have to be selected according to flight schedules? Pro Sky recently proved the opposite at German Münster/Osnabrück Airport. For a corporate event, we simply created an additional 15,000 seats on flights. We'll show you how.

Barcelona, Berlin, Stockholm – perfect locations for major events. But bringing 7,500 guests to the Münsterland? Where many might shake their heads due to the lack of connections, Pro Sky said in June: "Sure, we'll do that." The specialists for customised air travel combined two travel options: Existing connections were augmented and additional charter flights established. For instance, Pro Sky arranged for Lufthansa to use big jets for the flights to Münster/Osnabrück instead of the usual small regional aircraft. 150 charter flights were added.  

Advantage for the event planners: Smaller airports score big with flexibility 

"With the right concepts, even smaller European airports can be turned into event hubs," said Armin Truger, CEO of PRO SKY AG. Compared to their "big brothers", smaller airports even offer significant advantages. They can accommodate flights outside the usual standards with much more flexibility. "From the apron to the event location? Münster/Osnabrück made it possible," said Armin Truger.

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