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Experience life in a medieval castle

Arundel Castle in West Sussex is inviting history fans and families alike to immerse themselves in the 14th and 15th centuries, exploring Life in a Medieval Castle during an enthralling two day event on 16 -17 August 2014. 
A new addition for the Castle’s 2014 events calendar, Life in a Medieval Castle is the first event at Arundel Castle to solely focus on what life was like for those living in and around an occupied castle during the medieval period. 

Visitors will be able to discover the camaraderie, lifestyle and hardships of time gone by as large tented encampments engulf the lower lawns of Arundel Castle. Craft, leatherwork and cookery demonstrations will take place throughout the weekend, along with the introduction of embroidery, weaving and textile displays.   

As with all Raven Tor Living History group events, the skilled performers will stay true to the costumes, methods and materials used in the 14th and 15th centuries, down to the finest detail.   

To truly create a medieval ambience, musicians from Rough Musicke will be performing tunes from the period across the weekend.   

For visitors wanting to learn about medieval warfare, there will be weaponry and armour displays, including archery demonstrations with the chance for younger visitors (aged 8+) to try their hand at the ancient skill.   

Castle Manager Bryan McDonald commented: “We are excited to be hosting this new event. Life in a Medieval Castle will allow visitors to get a feel for Medieval Arundel, and develop an understanding of the local area’s history.   

“We are delighted to be working with Raven Tor Living History Group on another event, I am certain this will be a great crowd pleaser and another resounding success!” 

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