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The London Sake Challenge 2014 at Harrods

The London Sake Challenge is a luxurious competition organised by the Sake Sommelier Association in order to recognise and reward the most outstanding premium Sake in the market.
Premium Sake is currently enjoying a growing popularity in the UK as a new type of sophisticated drink and is increasingly being appreciated in the same league as fine wine. It is being consumed not only in Japanese restaurants but also in sophisticated and trendy bars and gastronomy restaurants.

It is our sincere hope to bring the enjoyment of Sake to a younger generation in Japan through the London Sake challenge.  A new market will be introduced by combining Sake with non-oriental food and promote the concept that the consumption of Sake is once again fashionable.

The London Sake Challenge 2014 will also promote Japanese Sake worldwide by challenging the palate of new consumers, exhilarating and encouraging them to appreciate Sake with other international flavours.

The best Sake specialists and international Sake sommeliers will come together and create world awareness around the finest Sake.

Various Japanese independent breweries will be brought together in unison for an outstanding event in recognition of their work and demonstrate a fresh dimension to Sake whilst respecting its soul and essence.

The London Sake challenge has been designed to promote the most outstanding Sakes and bestow the prestige and honour they deserve upon them.  A jury formed from the best Sake professionals in the world will award official Gold, Silver and Bronze medals to the best products.

In addition to the presence of the best Sake sommeliers who are equipped with thorough knowledge of the products, we have also invited influential Sake professionals who are buyers for national and international markets as well as leading journalists based both in the UK and Japan.

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