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Prague Convention Bureau organises networking breakfast on “Why and how to get an international congress to Prague”

On Thursday 19th June, another educational and networking breakfast on “Why and how to bid for an international congress to Prague“,  was organised by Prague Convention Bureau within the Ambassador Programme, at the InterContinental Prague Hotel.

This time it was Prof. MUDr. Vladimír Tesař, MD., Head of the Department of Nephrology at the 1st Medical Faculty of the Charles University and General University Hospital in Prague, who shared his abundant experience in organising international scientific congresses and conferences with the participants. The event was organised in cooperation with the Czech Convention Bureau, with the support of Prague Airport, and held under the auspices of the Deputy Mayor of Prague Mr. Václav Novotný.

As a result of his activities in the field of Prague congress industry, Prof. MUDr. Vladimír Tesař, MD. has already been awarded many times at the Ambassador Awards Evenings that are organised annually by Prague Convention Bureau in order to appreciate the work of congress ambassadors. One of his major achievements was the successful organisation of the 48th Congress of the European Renal Association and the European Association for Dialysis and Transplantation („ERA-EDTA“) which took place in Prague in 2011 and attracted more than 10,000 delegates from around the world. It was so far the largest convention in the history of the Prague Congress Centre.

„When bidding for a congress or conference, it is essential that the destination have not only a quality conference center, infrastructure and services at a very high level but, above all, the candidacy should be supported by an expert who has a good position within the international community in the field", said Prof.Vladimír Tesař. "If you are successful, it takes at least 10 years to establish contacts in the international sphere. Also, our way to the successful organisation of ERA-EDTA Congress in 2011 was not easy and short".

According to him, it is important to have some historical continuity within the field and the subsequent transfer of an imaginary baton to successors, which is not always easy. In this regard, he pointed to prominent personalities of Czech nephrology, such as Prof. Jan Brod and Prof. Albert Válek, who were at that time the world renowned experts in their field. However, in this case the imaginary baton was not handed over and it was necessary to start building contacts again in the nineties.

"The way to obtaining great results in major international conferences goes through the successful hosting of minor events that will attract opinion leaders to the destination. They are essential for bringing the major event in the future“, says prof. Vladimír Tesař. „If the destination manages to organise the event successfully, the probability it will return to the same place after several years is high. It's a long haul! But there must be enthusiasm and energy for that", he adds.

The main purpose of the networking events held within PCB’s Ambassador Programme is to inform potential congress ambassadors about the importance of organising international congresses for both their discipline and the destination itself, as well as the possibilities of support from the Prague Convention Bureau and Czech Convention Bureau. The aim of such events is to positively motivate these professionals to get actively involved in the work of international associations and make efforts to bring some of the world or European conventions within their industry to Prague.

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