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Can you see daylight at your events?

The Royal Opera House

The Royal Opera House has a hall that can help

Any event staged at the Royal Opera House gains prestige. Unfortunately, due to the busy performance schedule, its facilities are only available for outsiders on 12 occasions a year.
So, if it’s prestige and convenience in the very centre of London that you are seeking, keep an eye out for available dates. Two are coming up very, very soon. There are free slots on 18th June and 24th July 2014.

A prime event facility at the Royal Opera House is the Paul Hamlyn Hall, named after the benefactor who, a son of a pre-war refugee family, made his name and fortune in publishing in the UK. It is a predominantly glass structure with a huge glass vaulted ceiling that is noted for its unrivalled daylight.

Moya Maxwell, Head of Commercial Programming at the Royal Opera House, emphasises: ’We all know that daylight has beneficial effects on our sense of wellbeing and productivity, so why do we so often compromise the success of events by holding them in basement venues?

‘If you’re holding a daytime event, then look for opportunities to take advantage of available natural light in your planning,’ is her recommendation.

The hall’s glass panels are designed to cut glare and overheating during the warmest months of the year and to maintain heat during the winter.

Moya continues: ‘We regularly get comments from those using our unique space for conferences that candidates seem to come away more invigorated.  Much of it is down to the content of the conference, of course, but we like to think that the daylight and our bespoke event planning services are a big help too!’.

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