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National Streaking Competition at Ricoh Arena

Lady Godiva wannabees with a sense of fun have been urged to enter the first National Streaker competition in the UK at the Ricoh Arena next month.
Entrants aged over 18 will be encouraged to show off their dancing or singing skills on the pitch to prove why they should win the contest in front of a panel of judges including TOWIE star Tom Pearce in the stadium bowl at the Ricoh Arena on Saturday, May 31.

The judges are not looking to see any tackles or bare bums (modesty will be tastefully covered) but for entrants to show off their best entertaining streaking skills for the chance to win a trip for two to Rio in Brazil to coincide with the summer of football.

The eyebrow-raising competition has been organised by Taste Inc., makers of premium microwavable hot snacks, to mark the launch of its limited edition ‘The Streaker’ burger, a double cheese burger topped with streaky bacon.

If you are not brave enough to get your kit off, Taste Inc. is opening the doors to everyone* to come along to the event and watch all the action.

Entry is free and there will be plenty of entertainment, music, and games as well as free Taste Inc. Streaker burgers to eat throughout the day from 2pm to 5pm.

Angela Perkins, head of sales at the Ricoh Arena, said: “Coventry is famous throughout the world for Lady Godiva riding naked through the streets of the city which makes the Ricoh Arena the perfect place to host the UK’s first National Streaker competition.

“This is perfect for those with a sense of adventure who can sing or dance and would love to dance to the beat of the Samba in Brazil.

“Rugby has traditionally been the sport which has attracted streakers but in this UK-first, people won’t be entirely nude when they run onto the pitch at the Ricoh Arena!

“The judges will be on the pitch and there will be giant TV screens for spectators to see if each entrant is voted through to the next stage before a winner is decided on the day.

“We are hoping it will be a warm, sunny day and this competition is ideal for those filled with fun who would love to win a holiday to Brazil and can also sing or dance!”

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