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Is this a world record MICE item?

Pattaya Elephant Village welcomes over 100,000 visits

Sydney Paulden on an elephant
ITCM visited the Elephant Village near Pattaya in Thailand and went live with a blog recommending it as a corporate incentive. The Village supports over 20 elephants, which earn revenue to maintain over 20 families. ITCM suggested that it would be a good way in which companies can embody a worthy element of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) into their incentives.

At the same time it would provide a really interesting break for conferences held in the area. Pattaya is a popular destination that attracts many thousands of delegates each year.

ITCM has been fascinated to watch the number of readers of that blog grow and grow and grow. It has now registered well over 100,000 hits!

We believe that this could be a world record of visits to a single item on a MICE website. See for yourself how many hits there have been at: "I’m in Thailand and I’m perched on the neck of a very large elephant".

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