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Civil War action at Arundel Castle

Arundel Castle will open its 2014 events season with Civil War Days in the Keep and on the America Lawn; a dramatic recreation of the 1643 siege of the Castle. 
Hosted in the Castle’s impressive Keep, with breathtaking views across Sussex, the exciting event will take place on Saturday 05 and Sunday 06 April.

Historical interpretation experts Raven Tor Living History Group will portray the Royalist defenders and town’s folk who were trapped in the Castle during an 18 day siege in the course of the English Civil War, whilst the Wardour Garrison will be portraying the besieging parliamentary forces of Sir William Waller.  

The Civil War weekend will provide visitors with a unique insight into this thrilling aspect of the Castle’s colourful history with craft demonstrations, weapons drills and costumes of the 17th century.   

Visitors will be able to:
• Meet costumed characters from one of Sussex’s longest sieges
• Participate in craft demonstrations
• Witness weapons drills and handle replica 17th century weapons
• Watch in awe as the Parliamentary soldiers, the Wardour Garrison, capture Arundel Castle.  

Bryan McDonald, Castle Manager, commented: “The Civil War Weekend will be a fantastic way to kick-start our 2014 season. Visitors can expect be enthralled and entertained by the historical characters and action as well as learning what life was like at the Castle during the English Civil War.”   

“The 1643 siege was an incredibly important part of Arundel Castle’s history, not least because it resulted in orders for the demolition of the Castle. It was slowly restored to the glorious landmark you see today after a 200 year period of lying in ruins.”  

Arundel Castle will re-open for visitors on 01 April 2014.

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