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Fun and food from Flanders . .

. . . and the beer flowed, too, of course

Does Belgium have a sense of humour, great food and the world’s most remarkable range of beers?
Well, judging from an event in London at the end of last week, the answer to all three questions has to be ‘Yes!’
Judy Till, founder of the Ram Organisation, with John Kelly, newly joined as business partner, invited agency and corporate MICE buyers to meet MICE representatives from every part of Flanders.

The venue was the Belgo Centraal Restaurant and Bar in Covent Garden – and the invitation stressed that there would be ‘free beer’, so the guests knew full well in advance what to expect.

First there was a noisy networking session, where we were able to meet Andrew Daines and Evelyne Bardyn from Visit Flanders, Inge Marstboom from Antwerp, Philippe Lefebvre from Ghent and Peter Vermeire from Meeting in Brugge. Belgian chocolate goodies were on hand, naturally.

Then the throng descended to a cavern where samples of Flanders dishes were washed down with a different beer for each. A brave attempt was made by Lithuanian and Latvian bar personnel to describe the pedigree of each Belgian beer that was served and why it was chosen from the 85 or more Belgian beers available at the restaurant.

Basically, a good time was had by all – and everyone now has a very friendly, if hazy, view of Flanders and what it can offer for events.

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