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The world's largest 'Like' sculpture dedicated to social networks is to be built in Lithuania this summer

The world's largest LIKE sculpture dedicated to social networks is to be built in Lithuania in the summer of 2014. It will become an invitation to "LIKE" Lithuania itself, i.e. to see it, feel it, love it and tweet it. At the same time, the sculpture is a symbol of the internet generation's lifestyle which includes a possibility to create, share and communicate in social networks.

Any citizen of the world may become the co-owner of the sculpture and receive the certificate verifying this. All you need to do is to join the Like'able Lithuania campaign. The LIKE sculpture will be built in Druskininkai Town, one of the most famous and most modern Lithuanian resorts. This town was selected by the users of social networks using a dedicated application specially created for the Like'able Lithuania campaign.

Like'able Lithuania is a unique Lithuanian campaign for communicating over social networks offering the opportunity to find their favourite activities in Lithuania. The project covers communication across five social networks, i.e. Facebook, Google+, Vkontakte, Twitter, and Youtube. Each day visitors can find out something new about interesting places or facts, announcements or unexpected discoveries - anything that is worth liking in Lithuania. Every person who joins the campaign will become a co-owner of the largest LIKE sculpture in the world.

"Lithuania is known not only for basketball, the baroque Old Town of Vilnius or picturesque sand dunes. Here, you can ride a sleigh in the summer, have a walk in the oak grove right in the middle of the city, visit an amber bath, dance till dawn or relax in modern spas. Everyone will find things to LIKE here - the Like'able Lithuania project makes sure of it every day. We are happy that, from now on, we will be able to boast of the world`s largest sculpture dedicated to social networks." says Dr Raimonda Balniene, the Head of the State Department of Tourism under the Ministry of Economy.

This campaign is a large step forward for Lithuania communicating with the internet a favoured means of communication. The campaign is expected to involve about one million users by the end of the summer. Three months from the start of the campaign there are already 150,000 users involved.

Give your "LIKE" to Lithuania and become the co-owner of the LIKE sculpture by joining any of the Like'able Lithuania applications. Everyone who gives a "LIKE" to Lithuania will receive a LIKE sculpture certificate verifying his or her co-ownership. Moreover, at the end of the summer all co-owners of the sculpture will have a chance to win a trip to Lithuania from any European country and to see the world`s largest LIKE sculpture with their own eyes.

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