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Fresh start Thailand fitness boot camp gears up for holistic New Year

Brits keen to get in shape without facing the same old treadmill at the gym in the New Year can now enjoy a total mind, body and spirit workout, all set to a totally tropical backdrop with the spectacular new Fresh Start Thailand Fitness Boot Camp.

One of the world’s foremost destination boot camps, Fresh Start is situated in the rolling hills of Chiang Mai, Thailand; a picture perfect setting for a health and wellness resort. Adopting an entirely holistic approach to all things fitness, nutrition and wellness, Fresh Start provides a perfect retreat for those looking to get fitter and healthier, as well as re-energising themselves. With outstanding facilities, a full on-site spa and a team of ex-military experts ready to assist in every aspect of fitness with a range of classes and drills, the wellness haven is ideal for those who want to get away from the stresses of their everyday life and enjoy a life-changing experience.

Louise Leader, co-founder of Fresh Start Thailand Fitness Boot Camp says, “Our boot camp resort is perfect for anyone who needs to escape, to heal and rejuvenate their body and enjoy some personal space whilst getting fit and healthy. Our unique location nestled in the hills of Chiang Mai allow our guests to be completely at one with the stunning natural environment; when guests are not surveying the scenery and enjoying some ancient temples and relics in the area, they can be honing their bodies and experiencing valuable healing time on one of our specially designed fitness programs.”

The resort itself as a balanced mix of spa, fitness retreat and luxury hotel. All rooms have satellite TV, air conditioning, fridge, safe and original art work in each suite; there is a daily maid service and also one-bedroom, two-storey villa suites for those who want to get fit in style. The on-site spa features a traditional Thai steam room, a fat-busted sauna, a range of traditional massages and treatments and a quaint tea house where guests can relax after their spa session. All food on the menu of the on-site restaurant is specially prepared to be incredibly nutritious, and the majority of the ingredients used are sourced from the local organic farm, allowing guests to cleanse their bodies of chemicals and additives for the duration of their retreat. 

Louise and Richard Thomas have both brought a wealth of prior experience to Fresh Start. Richard was a Physical Training Instructor in the Elite Royal Marines for 12 years, and is now serving as a tactical firearms officer in the UK police force; his classes combine the strict demands of the military with advice based on nutrition and weight management for a great balance of elements. Louise has had a long and illustrious career in the fitness industry with more than 25 years experience and a degree in sports studies. They now specialise in delivering yoga, pilates and meditation sessions for all guests, allowing them time to heal and reflect after a long day of improving their fitness.

The rest of the Fresh Start team are ex-military and qualified fitness trainers, running classes from aqua aerobics to Thai boxing. Their priority is ensuring that, whether they stay for one week or for three, all guests receive the same great opportunities to lose weight, get fit and enjoy a fantastic getaway that will greatly benefit their immediate and long-term health.

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