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The Sustainable Events Summit eliminates badge wastage by using the RefTech Entry System

The Sustainable Event Summit has completely eliminated badge wastage by using RefTech’s industry-leading fast-track entry system. It is estimated that around half of badges mailed out before an event are wasted, but the RefTech system eliminates all wastage by emailing attendees a unique barcode which they bring to the event on their smartphone, have it scanned and then the badge is printed on demand in a matter of seconds

Simon Clayton, Chief Ideas Officer, RefTech explains: “Traditionally badges have been mailed to attendees. However, the rule of thumb with any free to attend conference or trade show is that around half of the people who pre-register actually attend. This means that half of the badges and accompanying material is wasted with a consequent environmental cost. That is in addition to losses in postage incurred in paying to mail out badges that never get used.”  

The other factor to bear in mind is the badge stock. RefTech was one of the first badging companies to arrange for traditional plastic badges to be recycled. The company can collect them in at the end of an event and they are shipped to an approved recycling company where they are chipped and turned into plastic goods such as trays and paint tins. The commitment to recycling was continued when RefTech introduced the fold-over laminated badges. The paper used for these complies with Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC) rules and, equally important, can be composted in commercial composting plants.

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