XING Events: EasyEntry 3.0 now allows event organisers to sell their tickets on-site

XING Events, the specialist in event marketing and entry management, has expanded the scope of its entry management app, EasyEntry, and is launching a new version today that provides business event organisers with new admission functions. Effective immediately, this latest update allows attendees to register and purchase tickets at the event location.

>Easy on-site ticket sales and printing
The latest version of the free entry management app is now available for iOS as well as Android operating systems. In addition to speedy entry control scans with smartphone and tablet cameras for the mobile version, or bar code scanners for the desktop version, this proven entry management software now enables organisers to purchase and print tickets on-site as well as immediately integrate ticket sales statistics – all in real-time and in one package. Attendees can purchase their tickets comfortably by means of an invoice or with a credit card payment.

The new “Kiosk mode” for self-service ticket sales
The app’s new “Kiosk mode” offers the option of setting up a self-service ticket booth. To do this, admissions personnel simply activate the mode, which then allows buyers to process purchases on their own. All of the app’s other functions are deactivated during the transaction so the buyer only has access to the ticket sales area.

“For the latest version of EasyEntry, we developed new functions that make it even easier for our customers to guarantee professional admissions at events as well as provide customers with a satisfying overall experience. The on-site tickets, badges and invoice printing as well as on-site ticket purchases ensure smooth processes. The free app consummates the services provided by our XING TicketingManager software,” says Kati Rittberger, Vice President of Business Operations at XING Events.

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