wysiwyg resets the standard for lighting design

R35 redefines what lighting design software should be – it’s a dramatic combination of performance, power and efficiency.

Available now, wysiwyg R35 lighting design software from CAST Software, is more desirable than ever. Increases to the software’s already distinctive performance includes:
·      Pulling Focus in LIVE mode via DMX is introduced to ensure footprint focus is previsualized and pre-cued so ‘What You See Is truly What You Get’ on stage.

·      Increased performance from CAD to Shaded View and even in Graphic Memory Management.
  ·      Sharper Laser Simulation in Shaded View mode takes lighting design to a new level.
  ·      Numerous CAD additions, such as Hatching and Callout Arrows, to enhance the representation of drawing and Plots.
  ·      A new way to define your Fixture Attribute Layouts by saving them as FAL Templates which can beshared and applied to any Fixtures and shared on all files.
  ·      205 brand-new lighting fixtures are added to wysiwyg R35 – a wysiwyg record!  

“R35 delivers numerous new exciting features and enhancements in all areas of wysiwyg: new CAD tools, updates to Paperwork, and more performance and enhancements to our visualization. Additionally, workflow has been improved in many areas to speed up the design process. I believe by incorporating our users through our Beta program and using their feedback in our designs, we continue to deliver quality features that help all our users release after release. wysiwyg R35 continues to move our software forward, adding more functionality and delivering better visualization withevery release,” says Dino Mazza, Product Manager at CAST Software.  

R35 results from intensive beta testing by a range of users who report:
“I've been testing the new release and it worked so well. The new Footprint Focus in LIVE via DMX is amazing. The new Fixture Attribute Layout enables me to manage attributes faster and apply the templates to the different fixtures on my plot saving a lot of time.”
Pau Fullana, Operator & Lighting Designer, Spain  

“It's always a real pleasure to discover a new version of wysiwyg and R35 is a big step in its development. We were waiting for new functions including Focus in Live and Fixture Attribute Layout template. Another novelty that I love is the fixtures and objects highlighting during Quick Tools. That is a small point, but it really simplifies our work! We’re delighted that in R35 “Mirroring” has returned which keeps aficionados of symmetry such as myself very happy. There are also many enhancements to existing features, and a very important improvement of speed in LIVE Mode – it seems my computer seems to have had a large dose of vitamins! I am very impressed by this new release that must be used without moderation!”
 Stéphane Mocret, Lighting Designer, Very Light, France

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