wysiwyg releases R38

Unchallenged in terms of creativity, innovation and productivity, wysiwyg lighting design tool and software offers a growing worldwide network of designers the right design solution for complex needs.  
Following an intensive beta evaluation process, wysiwyg releases version R38. Users will look forward to creating spectacular and even multi-sensory experiences as they use digital design that can be securely shared anywhere through most devices.

“The new innovations bring creative solutions saving valuable time on projects. The new Auto Patch of videos sub sources that works with the Grid Array tool for LED screens and walls is a formidable tool for efficiency. Finally, the Textures tool on curved surfaces is the best thing ever,” said Patrick Neufond, Director of Photography.  

“Good job on this one! R38 brought us a lot of features that I have been looking forward to. It makes the feature requests, testing and feedback worthwhile!” added Bo Thøgersen, CAD technician at FilmGEAR.  

Gaël Szpak, AWT, Technical Director at All Access Design said: “The team at CAST has done a great job with all these new features. We look forward to seeing what the final version looks like and look forward to contributing again to the beta testing program.”  

Following are the major updates to wysiwyg R38:
Texturing Curved Surfaces
Extruded arcs and splines now create a curved surface, which can be textured by applying a single image or video source to it.  

Another beta user, Jason Gardash - Freelance Lighting Designer & Programmer said: “I think that the texturing curved surfaces feature will open doors to what we can do with the ability to key-map in the output of video media servers making it possible in real world.”  

Image Textures with Alpha Transparency
Transparency in textures will help create nice effects and even increase performance efficiency, as now it is possible to texture a complex shape to a flat surface instead of drawing the shape in CAD.  

Updated Laser Beams
Volumetric laser beams has been updated in wysiwyg R38. Laser beams are now brighter than before, and much faster performing in LIVE mode.    

New Truss Manager including Truss Mirroring
wysiwyg now does all the hard work for you. Users can mirror truss structures and a new TrussManger window enables users to manage trusses and their properties, including a newly introduced truss thickness property, all from one centralized place.  

Improvements on Subsources of LED Walls and Screens
Creating LED Walls & Screens is much easier now with updates to the Quick Video/Image tool that now can auto patch image and video subsources to each individual screen or LED panels.  

New Import Fixtures from Spreadsheet Lists
This new import option takes fixture information listed in a Spreadsheet file (CSV, XLS, XLSX) exported from other software and/or lighting consoles, and offers a new import process to help you insert Fixtures into your drawing easily.  

New Import Floorplan for Front/Back and Side Views
The Import Floorplan feature has been extended to more views and now supports the import of an image or PDF in each of the 3 view directions: Plan, Front/Back Views, and Left/Right Views.  

Fixture Fill Update Colors
In R38, a new Fill calculation formula is introduced which incorporates both Saturation and Intensity, making the fill color lighter, which is easier to read in print.  

Additionally, wysiwyg R38 has a long list of improvements across wysiwyg modes and CAD mode as well as new layer and database enhancements. Report features included more columns, options and filters. Additionally, an eye watering 187 fixtures are added to wysiwyg R38’s library, along with a huge list of gobos, accessories and updates or corrections to older fixtures.