wysiwyg helps build The Ark

The Ark cgi
What do a popular classical music show in London, an international swimming competition in Budapest, an outdoor rock concert in Belgium and a new church in a tiny village in England have in common? Simply: all have benefited from the use of CAST Software’s wysiwyg lighting design toolkit.

With three churches already serving its population of 2,300, it’s perhaps surprising that one of them is building a new one in the fenland village of Isleham in Cambridgeshire. However: the congregation of High Street Church outgrew their existing chapel; and determined to continue serving a growing congregation, a larger building became a necessity.  

In 2009, they began construction of The Ark, which, at 2,200 square metres, is believed to be one of the UK’s largest green oak buildings constructed in living memory. Now fully weather-proof, it is expected to be completed in the not-too-distant future.  

But: where does wysiwyg come in? Jonny Billitt from event production and equipment hire company MTS Live, and a committed wysiwyg user for more ‘typical’ lighting design applications, takes up the story.  

“Designers and builders from the project initially contacted me for advice regarding the uplighting” he explains: ”The main design requirements were to up-light the Hammer beams and room extremities also achieving a good ambient lighting level. wysiwyg was initially used to import building CADs and overlay installation schematics for the inground uplighters as the floor was being laid and the cabling needed to be in place. The building render and subsequent lighting design went from there. Using wysiwyg I was able to demonstrate the concept using the 360-export feature, exhibiting the suggested fixtures and how they would realistically luminate the building”

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