WorldSIM offer up to 99% reduction on roaming tariffs worldwide

Travel SIM card provider, WorldSIM, has announced that they will now offer up to 99% reductions for data in many countries including Mauritius, Morocco, Bahamas, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Jordan and many more.  Rates are also considerably less than other competitive SIM cards worldwide, for example, data in USA is £0.07 for 1 MB, compared to competitors at £0.19 for 1 MB.

Customers will save money on outgoing calls by up to 55% and receive free incoming calls 7 days a week in 95 countries.  International travellers can therefore stay connected and answer calls for free in all the most popular leisure and business travel destinations including Europe, USA, Canada, Australia, Turkey and much of Asia.  With many other network operators charging just to answer a call, this can significantly save travellers money.  WorldSIM also deliver premium voice quality for crystal clear calls with no compromise on rate reductions or free calls.  

Arif Reza, CEO at WorldSIM commented “The weekends are when people travel the most so we are delighted to be able to offer free incoming calls on weekends also. We want everyone to be able to stay connected for less when they travel internationally no matter what day it is or where they are.  WorldSIM are committed to lowering roaming charges for customers and will keep pushing for lower rates.”

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