Where is immersive technology going? Find out at Mindtrek Conference in Tampere, Finland

>“Virtual, augmented, and mixed reality: where is it all going?” asks Huawei’s Steven M. LaValle at Mindtrek
This year the Mindtrek technology conference presents the Immersive Tech Event providing you with insider information about today’s big topics and future breakouts of VR, AR and MR in fields of neurology, forestry, video games and rehabilitation, to name a few. During the event, several teams take part in hackathon to tackle a surprise task with Nokia OZO.

Immersive tech is often seen as cool, but missing the beef. We want to bring up the real use cases and focus on how companies from different sectors such as health, education and industry, utilize the latest technological developments in virtual, augmented and mixed reality. For example, virtual reality can add true value to industrial induction and maintenance tasks as a fast, cost-effective and easy method.

The event keynote speakers are Steven M. LaValle, the Chief Scientist of VR/AR/MR at Huawei Technologies, Ltd, and Brie Code, speaker, writer, AI programmer, and the CEO and creative director of Tru Luv Media. All our speakers are world-class virtual reality experts, and on the workshops you can meet content creators, visionaries and students as well as company representatives enthusiastic about the possibilities on the immersive technology field. Immersive Tech is also essentially related to other themes of the conference, such as The Internet of Things Event.

During the hackathon you will get to know Tampere originated Nokia OZO, which is the first professional virtual reality camera with 360-degree audio video capture. OZO products enable storytellers to create immersive experiences to audiences everywhere.

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