Ultima launches reliable Intelligent Spaces network offering to support enhanced visitor experience at events  

Ultima, a leading provider of cloud, IT infrastructure and managed service solutions, has today launched its Intelligent Spaces offering for both indoor and outdoor networks, to support enhanced visitor experience and improve operational efficiencies at events; for which it already has some prestigious customers.

Consumers now expect wireless services to be available at major public venues, and they expect it to work and they expect it to be free. Providing a flawless, reliable Wi-Fi offering for mobile users has been difficult, with customers frequently complaining of poor coverage, limited bandwidth, questionable security and often complex joining instructions. For organisations wanting to use the latest retail marketing technology, traditional networks have not been able to deliver a reliable customer experience, resulting in lost business opportunity.  

Now, working in partnership with Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company, and using their full end-to-end network hardware, Ultima is able to offer flawless connectivity for both indoor and outdoor venues, across wireless, wired and wide-area networks. Creating a secure, robust and reliable layer of connectivity for the modern user opens up many business opportunities for organisations to promote services in innovative ways to their customers.  

Matt Hudson, Ultima Principal Architect - Modern Data Centre and Cloud, comments, “Event organisations can now offer an enhanced visitor experience and operational experience using our new Intelligent Spaces’ networks. They can help customers leverage improved connectivity to provide a host of additional services the modern day consumer expects including; instant access to maps, the ability to order products and services on smart-phone devices, as well as having a constant channel of communication with online communities to share their experiences at specific events and venues. We are already working alongside Aruba to deliver similar intelligent networks for large golfing venues and stadia.  

“Digital innovation is no longer a choice for public sites and venues; it’s a must if they want to stay relevant to the consumers of tomorrow. Our technology allows customers to offer the latest marketing innovations so that event providers can now monetise services at venues,” says Hudson.  

Ultima’s Intelligent Spaces allow for a host of services to be offered to customers at events or venues where retailers can opt-in to services to provide a better consumer experience with more predictable demand. For example, retailers can upload menu items and even change pricing on demand as trends or stock levels dictate. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth tracking can detect when people are leaving an event, store or site and provide offers and advertising for future related purchasing. This can be based on the locations they visited, how long they spent in particular areas, or how often they visit. These adverts can then link directly through to ticket/item/event ordering portals and will help promote other events or venues.  

Billboards and static advertising can be dynamically adjusted depending on the mood of the audience. Cameras can be placed on billboards and mobile advertising areas which read the consumers facial expressions and understand if a person’s mood changes while reading an advert. Understanding which advertisements the consumer likes, the demographic of that user and their subsequent movements or actions can allow retailers to change, update or roll out content specific to those people.  

Operationally, the platform enables efficiencies alongside security and emergency services. For example, digital signage evacuation notices can be created, and personnel and asset location services can be activated to alert organisations when items, the public or employees leave or enter specific areas which they are not allowed to be in.

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