TripFlock CRM launches social media tools to streamline customer engagement

TripFlock today announced the launch of new social media management tools for travel and hospitality companies who demand comprehensive and seamlessly integrated solutions for today's ever-changing social media landscape.  
Having the right social media tools and a presence on the major networks, like Facebook and Twitter, is a necessity these days for any travel business. 

Today social media dominates customer attention. Recent studies have shown that nearly 20% of total time spent online in the US is on social platforms.  

With the release of the latest CRM version, TripFlock is streamlining the complex process of drafting, publishing, sharing and monitoring social content.  These new tools also provide a seamless and efficient way for travel and hospitality companies to target, engage and communicate with customers on their preferred social media channel.  

President and CEO Bill Almonte; a 25-year travel and hospitality industry veteran, remarked, "A review of existing industry specific CRM solutions found a true lack of social media capabilities.   Many of these legacy solutions are built on ten year old technology and are unable to meet the needs of today's travel businesses."    

Major benefits of the TripFlock CRM social media tools include:
• Easy to use editing tools for creating social content
• Share blog posts, deals, links, photos and videos
• One click sharing
• Facebook and Twitter integrations
• Automatic lead capture
• Reports and analytics

"The TripFlock team set out to create tools that would help our customers grow their social media presence.  They are looking for easy to use and cost effective ways to engage on social media." pointed out Almonte.  

Upcoming versions of the TripFlock CRM social media tools will offer additional social networks, enhanced analytics and the ability to reply to social messages within a unified inbox.  

Any type of travel or hospitality business can setup on the TripFlock platform including travel agencies, hotels, restaurants, tour providers, cruise lines, and airlines.  Affordable monthly subscription plans start at $40 per month.