Travelport launches new XML solution with Movida to enhance car rental offering

Movida is the first car rental supplier to go live with Travelport’s XML solution

Travelport, a leading Travel Commerce Platform, has launched a new next-generation XML connection solution for its car rental customers and, Movida, one of the largest car rental companies in Brazil, is the first supplier to go live with this innovative new offering. This news means that all Travelport-connected travel agencies across the world can now access additional car content via the Travel Commerce Platform.

Movida began trading in 2006 and Movida Rent a Car has the youngest fleet in Brazil with stores in major cities and airports across the country. Movida Rent a Car is part of Movida Holdings which was established in 2015 to administer the Rent a Car and management as well as outsourcing light vehicle fleet operations.  

Travelport has launched this new solution to enable car rental companies to distribute their content across Travelport’s platform using modern XML technology, in addition to the ways they can already connect. The solution creates a more cost effective and efficient way to connect and is a fundamental part of Travelport’s strategy to provide its travel suppliers with next-generation merchandising and rich content capabilities. This means that travel suppliers can better market and provide value proposition to travel agents around the world.  

Niklas Andreen, SVP and Managing Director for Hospitality at Travelport, added: “We are pleased to have partnered with Movida, one of the largest car suppliers in Brazil, to launch our new XML car rental solution. We see Latin America as a big growth region for us and Brazil is a strategically important country within it. This new agreement with Movida is therefore a big step forward for our business. This is also great news for travel agents across the globe who can expect extra car rental content via Travelport.” 

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