Travelport Hotelzon begins rollout of Payment Consolidation Service to simplify corporate travel admin

Travelport Hotelzon, a leading hotel distribution technology provider for corporations, today announces the launch in the UK of its new hotel payment and consolidation service that gives customers an automated end-to-end payment and invoice consolidation system for hotel expenditure.

Travel Managers always aim to offer a range of hotel options with a self-booking process that is simple and mobile friendly. With the value of corporate hotel bookings projected to grow to $600 billion in 2017 (GBTA), the demand for global corporate hotel partnerships is ever increasing.

This growth will continue the stream of invoices from multiple hotels with out-of-policy hotel bookings guaranteed with personal credit cards further complicating the burdensome manual consolidation and payment process.

Travelport Hotelzon’s new payment consolidation service now offers an account-based automated payment option that seamlessly integrates into the Hotelzon booking platform to work alongside its extensive range of reporting and policy controls. It generates a monthly statement containing a full breakdown of hotel spend, taxes and charges with just a single payment to make.

“In today’s competitive marketplace, travel companies’ objectives focus on controlling costs, driving growth and improving business performance. Our new Payment Consolidation Service is what both our customers, and prospect customers have been waiting for,” said Niklas Andreen, Vice President and Managing Director, Global Hospitality at Travelport. “We predict that a single hotel booking comes with 24 minutes of manual admin processes attached, opening up a significant savings potential. For Travel Managers, not having to deal with extensive book-keeping and payment duties, enables them to focus on their main job of going out and negotiating better travel deals. Our ‘One Invoice, One Payment’ set-up for many Travel Managers relieves their pain spot precisely, and we expect to see a great take-up.”

Hotelzon’s Payment Consolidation Service will initially be available in the UK from 1st September, with rollout to other European markets as well as eNett integration to help facilitate one payment happening in the following months.  New customers who join Hotelzon before the end of the year can also enjoy this payment option without any set-up fees.

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