TIX brings more choice and personalisation to travellers with Amadeus Ancillary Services

Tix, an OTA based in the Netherlands, has implemented Amadeus Ancillary Services

Travellers booking their flights through Tix, an Online Travel Agency (OTA) based in the Netherlands, can now enjoy more freedom and choice to personalise their travel experiences following the OTA’s implementation of Amadeus Ancillary Services. The industry-leading solution brings the booking of airline bags directly to travellers’ fingertips when shopping through any of Tix websites.

With 108 airlines signed-up to Amadeus Ancillary Services and 75 carriers already fully implemented, the solution allows OTAs to become one-stop shops where travellers can fulfil all their travel needs in one go. Deployed worldwide, including all IATA BSP markets, Amadeus Ancillary Services has been delivering value to travellers and increased revenues for airlines and OTAs, with a 100% increase in ancillaries sold during 2015.

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