Stadiums and Arenas invest in cloud technology to maximise returns from hosting events

Priava, the leading cloud-based venue management software company, has announced that a growing number of stadiums, sports venues, and arenas are investing in its technology to more efficiently manage match day and non-match day hospitality, concerts and special events to maximise the income they can earn from hosting them.

In the last 12 months Priava’s cloud-based system – which covers event booking, venue management, inventory, CRM, task management, file storage, sales management, online enquiries, and catering modules – has been adopted by a number of large stadiums and arenas including:
• Fabulous Fan Fayre at Manchester City Football Club and Watford Football Club
• Newcastle Falcons
• Norwich Football Club
• Peterborough Arena
• Sunderland Football Club
• Vodafone Events Centre

CEO at Priava, James Pegum commented, “From catering in corporate boxes and suites, to arranging media conferences and coordinating large-scale celebrations, Priava streamlines the process of booking and managing events in order to increase efficiency and maximise profitability for our clients. Having worked with a range of stadiums and arenas across the globe, we understand what it takes to effectively manage all types of match-day and non-match day hospitality and have designed Priava to accommodate these diverse requirements.”  

As stadiums and arenas are large, multi-venue spaces and run many diverse events requiring the coordination of different departments, they face many of the same challenges in maximising venue bookings and events revenue:
• Potential loss of opportunities as difficult to keep up with the volume of enquiries received each day, allocate these to the right venue owners, and check availability in real-time.
• Do not have the tools to produce holistic reports to demonstrate the profitability of match-days/special events because the existing system doesn’t link event bookings together across different venues or departments.
• Waste time and lose money because the event and venue management software, accounting packages and ticketing systems don’t talk to one another, which means instead having to constantly re-input the same data across multiple systems, and potentially missing sales opportunities.

Beginning with capturing the initial enquiry, through to producing events sheets for staff briefings, setting up the venue on the day of the event and producing post event reports to measure your success, Priava has developed specific modules that are intuitive and easy-to-use in order to support event organisers and venue managers at every stage of the event management process.

How Priava works for stadiums and arenas
Priava allows stadiums and arenas to manage all different types of events in and around match days and special events. Below are some of the benefits Priava users have experienced using its cloud-based system:
• Flexibility to customise packages for general sale as well as exclusive options for match days and special events including venue hire, catering charges, audio-visual, equipment, tickets, merchandise etc.
• Record financial and general ledgers codes against all commercial items to ensure these can be linked back to account packages via a financial export;
• Produce speedy and accurate reports in order to disseminate information quickly across all departments;
• Tailor report templates to be relevant for different teams including events, hospitality, senior management, security, cleaning staff, external suppliers and consolidate sales reports for corporate box bookings etc.
• Secure additional revenue streams from facilities such as executive boxes and suites, lounges and restaurants - on match days, during special events and also at other times of the year. • Priava’s ‘Advanced Permissions’ provides controlled user access to different events and information, allowing stadia to use the system across multiple locations and venues.

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