Smart app makes face to face business simple

Although the world is becoming more and more digitalised, the importance of face to face meetings and discussion cannot be underestimated. Conferences and events play a large role in developing new business, as well as further enhancing current business relationships. Yet as the world becomes infinitely more connected through business processes, meetings between two parties who don’t speak the same language can prove difficult.

But now, one of the country’s first human interpreter apps, Whym, is breaking down business language barriers. On hand to make face to face international business a breeze, the platform is not machine translation. Providing users with access to a live interpreter at the touch of a button, the app ensures accuracy and professionalism at all times. Delivering real time translation to help business owners build relationships, increase revenue and leads and expand their reach, whym is invaluable to both small and large businesses alike.

Emilie Naudé, Marketing Manager at whym, said, “As the world comes together, the importance of expanding business to different countries is so important. Conferences and exhibitions provide the ideal platform for growing a business internationally, however sometimes language can prove to be a difficult barrier to cross.”

With the rise of Skype and other video calling platforms, many predicted that face to face meeting would soon be a thing of the past. However research has shown that international conferences and events actually continue to grow in popularity.

Connecting people offline through networking has been shown to help build stronger and more genuine relationship. The perfect platform for which to do business with people from all over the world, international conferences have allowed people to expand their business to all four corners of the globe.

Making doing business face to face a doddle, the app is available on smartphones that run Android and iOS. Enabling users to access an interpreter at the touch of a button, the platform makes business simple and easy, while being extremely cost-effective.

Emile continues, “whym is an incredible piece of technology that is adaptable to a whole range of situations. Our professional translation experts have many years’ experience translating language, so are able to do it both accurately and in real-time. Proving to be a key cog in the face to face business wheel, whym has helped businesses expand their reach simply, effectively and accurately.”

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