Slido democratises the dance floor with crowdsourced Christmas party music

Slido CEO Peter Komornik
Audience engagement specialist Slido has seen an unusual, seasonal use of its Q&A and polling tool to help democratise the dance floor at Christmas parties and events in a number of countries.  
As music tastes can vary tremendously and the choice of tunes at the Christmas party can have a major impact on atmosphere, and levels of engagement, clever-thinking users of Slido’s intuitive tool have opened up music selection to all partygoers.

The basic Slido package is free to use and simply requires people to access a web link. Once the ‘event’ is created in Slido, users enter a code (similar to a hashtag) and begin voting on existing music options created by the organiser (or DJ) or they can propose their own choices, meaning all partygoers can now use their phones to crowdsource music, letting the majority choose the best songs to be played at an event.  

Peter Komornik, Slido CEO, comments: “Our platform is so easy to use that people are constantly surprising us with new and inventive ways to crowdsource opinion. In the past, if you didn’t like the music at a party, you either waited to speak to the DJ or voted with your feet. Now, people are using Slido to find out what songs partygoers want to hear and giving everyone the chance to vote for their favourites.”

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