Skyroam launches the Solis WiFi App to make getting online with Skyroam WiFi even faster

Skyroam introduces the new Solis WiFi App that quickly connects customers to Skyroam’s best-selling hotspot service in over 130 countries while on-the-go at home or abroad
Skyroam, the global WiFi provider making it easy for travelers to stay connected around the world, is announcing the launch of Solis WiFi App, the complimentary app for its best-selling hotspots. Available on iOS and Android, the app enables Skyroam Solis hotspot users to get online faster and use WiFi with ease.

Everyone has experienced the excitement of ordering a new gadget, only to encounter the frustration and drama of initial set-up and use, as you continually enter the wrong password, dig around in the box to find the instruction manual, or struggle to decipher the symbols and stats in your new account. Skyroam wants to make its hotspots and WiFi service simple and streamlined to enable every customer to quickly connect anytime, anywhere, whether they’re on their daily commute or traveling the globe.  

With the new Solis WiFi App, users can now instantly connect their hotspot and WiFi account, just by scanning the QR code on the bottom of their Skyroam hotspot device - no more searching for codes or serial numbers. They can also monitor their data usage, check on connection speeds, and buy more data with just a tap.   

Skyroam is the secure WiFi service-provider to over 15 million travelers worldwide, that enables fast, reliable connectivity across more than 130 countries through their portable hotspots.  

Inspired by customer feedback, the Solis WiFi App significantly simplifies initial registration, mobile data management, and streamlines WiFi start-up each time a customer powers on their hotspot, so they can connect faster. The app includes other features essential to easy online access:
  • Manage WiFi service with a tap: As travel plans change, users can manage WiFi subscriptions or daypasses, buy more on the spot, and switch between plans
• Status screen: Quickly view battery life, signal strength, WiFi status, number of connected devices, and more
• Step-by-step guide: A simple, step-by-step, in-app onboarding screen guides users through the start-up process, eliminating the need for the paper instruction manual
• Offline access to Skyroam information: FAQs, coverage lists, and troubleshooting tips are always available so users can get answers without contacting customer support

Global connectivity has always been and continues to be the Skyroam mission, and we strive to make it simple, fast, and affordable no matter where a customer is located in the world,” says Skyroam Founder and CEO, Jing Liu. “We listened carefully to feedback calling for an even faster, more streamlined way to get connected, and we've acted on it. Now, we offer a more effective way for our users to get set-up and online, all while in the midst of travel.”  

The Skyroam Solis 4G LTE global WiFi hotspot can be purchased at at the full retail price of £135. Skyroam offers pay-as-you-go plans with daily 24-hour WiFi access for occasional connectivity for £8/day, the Unlimited Monthly Subscription for frequent international travelers at a flat rate of £79/month, and recently introduced Skyroam GoData pay per GB subscription for £7/mo for 1GB of full speed data. Skyroam also currently offers unlimited global WiFi hotspot rentals starting at £9 per day, which can be ordered online or picked up at vending kiosks located at top international airports throughout the United States.  

Free to download, the Solis Wifi App is now available on Google Play and in the Apple App Store.

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