QuickMobile launches next-generation mobile app and analytics platform for enterprise meetings and events

QuickMobile Enterprise 2.0 addresses demand for scalability, security, integration and configurability in the mobile-first workplace.

QuickMobile, the recognized leader in mobile event apps, today released the next generation of its enterprise mobile app and analytics platform for meetings and events. This breakthrough platform called QuickMobile Enterprise 2.0 enables companies to respond to the rapidly growing demand for mobile capabilities for all their internal and external meetings and events, and to link event data with other business data.

The aggregated data provides a more holistic view of the company's stakeholders and the ability to demonstrate a clear return on investment. This was announced at the 2015 Professional Convention Management Association PCMA Convening Leaders Conference in Chicago.

Companies spend $650 billion  every year on meetings and events for employees, shareholders, partners and customers, yet executives continually challenge organizers to demonstrate the true benefit to the overall business. Since analytics and insights gathered at these meetings are rarely integrated with centralized CRM, HRM, marketing automation or other mission-critical IT systems, measuring their impact can be extremely difficult. 

"Connecting meeting data to internal IT systems is the next enterprise frontier, and we are addressing this issue with our new technology." said Craig Brennan, CEO of QuickMobile. "Our platform is a complete disruption to how things have been done in the past and will become as mission-critical as traditional ERP and CRM systems."

Combining Face-to-Face with Mobile
Meetings are face-to-face experiences that help to build relationships and drive the business forward. Mobile is now pervasive in most organizations, which increasingly depend - formally or informally - on mobile devices for much of their day-to-day operations. The next generation of meetings will enhance the value of face-to-face through mobile technology to take the meeting experience to another level with clear indications of its impact on the business. For example, when a customer attends a users conference, any survey results, content accessed or shared, and education sessions attended are captured in QuickMobile Enterprise 2.0 analytics. The data from the mobile app is then integrated with the enterprise CRM system so that the sales team knows what to address during future client visits.  Similarly, a product manager can use app data to see who participated in a training session, what information was retained, and where to follow up.

"This is where mobile enhances face-to-face," said Brennan. "We combine the best of both to deliver a new set of insights and analytics that have never been captured before, and we do it enterprise-wide."

Designed for the Enterprise
QuickMobile pioneered the enterprise mobile meeting app in 2008, and its new cloud-based platform takes advantage of the experience gained from its broad customer base, including more than half the Fortune 100. By continuously listening to clients and building more than 6,000 event apps since inception, QuickMobile engineered this second-generation platform to support current and future needs, offering configurability, flexibility, scalability and security along with tight enterprise application integration.

Among the key benefits of the new platform are:
o Analytics - Most comprehensive analytics and insights providing detailed visibility into engagement, sentiment, and behavior within a specific meeting and across the entire meeting landscape;
o Configurability - App configuration framework that can power unique major customer events, shareholder meetings, and a wide variety of internal meetings such as sales kickoffs, product launches, employee training and education, sales incentive trips, award banquets, employee on-boarding programs and more;
o Security - Enterprise-grade backend and app-level security that protects the integrity of sensitive user data and content;
o Scalability - Maximum productivity through distributed, role-based administration and a content management system that can host thousands of simultaneous global events of every shape and size; and
o Integration - Pre-packaged integrations with over 130 enterprise event and corporate business systems.

Enterprise Mobile Apps are on the Rise
Recent research from Frost & Sullivan reported that nearly 50 percent of businesses in North America use between one and 10 apps, and 79 percent of companies plan to deploy mobile worker apps during 2015.  Frost & Sullivan also cited three key benefits of the mobile enterprise, including customer engagement, competitive advantage and customer satisfaction.

"Mobile event apps have always been recognized for their ability to engage attendees, differentiate an organization's brands from their competition and create an overall better event experience," stated Brennan. "As a pioneer in enterprise mobile apps for meetings and events, we recognize the impact of mobile on our clients. Their need for tools that demonstrate the value of their meetings in a cloud-based solution was the driving force behind our new technology, which will allow them to move as fast as they need to go, in a secure environment that finally brings corporate meetings into the enterprise IT ecosystem."

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