Poken receives $1 Million Innovation Award

Stephane Doutriaux
Poken, the 360° Event Platform, in collaboration with the CSEM (Switzerland’s leading microelectronics laboratory), has been awarded $1 Million by the Swiss Government’s innovation agency (CTI/KTI), to pursue the development and miniaturisation of its ‘Touch-to-Collect’ microchip and NFC/iBeacon event engagement tools.

Poken, a well-known brand in the event technology industry, provides customised event mobile apps, registration and badge-printing software, business match-making, social engagement and course credit tracking via digital check-in.  

Used at corporate events, association conferences and large exhibitions, Poken’s unique tools allow organisers to foster better engagement and ROI by making it extremely simple for participants to collect digital content from exhibitors and sessions, swiping a bracelet, a badge, or Poken’s patented ‘interactive USB stick’ in front of a small digital reader. Mobile phones equipped with Near Field Communication (NFC) or iBeacon can also receive digital content and a visitor’s activity can be tracked and measured to help enhance content targeting and event logistics.    

Poken’s Founder and CEO, Stephane Doutriaux, says: “We have been providing events and trade-shows with the most advanced ‘digital show-bag’, lead-generation, networking, and engagement capabilities for many years. Poken’s product range will be expanded now to include cashless payment and check-in access control for venues, allowing the company to address new markets including larger tradeshows, concerts, and sporting events.”  

Since 2010, and with the continued support of the CSEM, Poken has developed its own microchip to power its world-leading product set. The Application Specific Integrated Circuit or ASIC, is the world’s most compact and low-power NFC-compatible peer-to-peer communication chip.  The Award, provided to the company in the form of a research grant, will allow Poken to push the miniaturisation, low-power-consumption, and affordability to new levels, ensuring the company’s continued lead in the market.  

Marco Spirig, Senior Hardware Engineer, at Poken adds: “This is a solid vote of confidence in Poken’s advanced micro-electronics capabilities and our proven track record in identifying unique, innovative business opportunities. Our microchip will be improved further so that it can be easily embedded into wearables, such as fitness bracelets and smart-watches.”

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