Poken launches first ‘smart event’ white paper for next generation tradeshows at Expo! Expo! 2016

Stéphane Doutriaux, CEO of Poken
Leading 360 degree event platform specialist Poken has today unveiled a new white paper focusing on the next generation of tradeshows at the Expo! Expo! event in Anaheim, California. Themed around the concept of the ‘smart event: A New Value Proposition for Tradeshows’, the white paper looks at current tradeshow visitor and exhibitor behaviour in the digital age and explores missed opportunities for added value experience from both sides.

In particular, the paper explores how a smart event can enrich tradeshow experiences by enabling visitors to collect tailored content and connections, two of the primary reasons for attending events.   The next generation of smart events will leverage smart badges, powered by a simple chip or NFC (Near Field Communications), and an intelligent software platform as the engine of the content and contacts experience where all is collated in a single, accessible portal. In a similar way to the personalised online shopping experience where online stores suggest options you may like based on your preferences, the smart event of the future will see visitors enjoy a richer experience as the platform suggests content and contacts they may want to ‘collect’, based on their behaviour and preferences.   With minimal reliance on wi-fi or battery life to power a mobile app, smart badges enable people to get on with the business of connecting with the right exhibitors and peers, collecting the right content and making the most of their time. All in all, the smart event will ensure that visitors and exhibitors get much greater value from the experience, maximising their time at the tradeshow and with great visibility of ROI through contacts gained and information collected.   Stéphane Doutriaux, Poken CEO and author of the paper, explains: “It’s remarkable to me that tradeshows still operate on more or less the same model that they have done for over 20 years. That tells us that a lot of that model works, for example making personal connections, finding out about new products and services and so on, so we should look to enhance it, not change it completely. The advent of mobile event apps was thought to revolutionise events, but the reality is, when used in isolation, they are more of a distraction. The smart event will see an integration with mobile devices, chip and NFC enabled badges and a continued emphasis on personal interaction, just with greater focus and a more tailored experience.”   The smart event model has already been successfully deployed by a number of Poken clients using its rich suite of event management tools. Examples are included in the white paper.     Stéphane Doutriaux is available for media briefings during Expo! Expo! and will be present at booth 878.