Poken awarded contract with the Boy Scouts of America's Order of the Arrow National Conference

  Poken, the 360° event platform, has announced a new contract with The Boy Scouts of America’s centennial National Order of the Arrow 100-year Anniversary Conference. The contract will see Poken create a fully immersive interactive experience at the event, which is expected to host 15,000 Boy Scouts at the Michigan State University campus on 1st – 8th August.

Poken will deliver digital interactive content to screens throughout the campus which will show live interactive statistics, help guide visitors in real-time to activities and provide instant alerts and daily contests. Poken’s digital gaming engine will also bring a modern twist to the traditional Scout “patches” as conference guests compete to collect digital patches by taking part in over 200 events at the conference.  

The Boy Scouts of America’s Lead Organisers of Poken integration, Connor Desmond and Bryan Melonis, say they approached Poken after seeing an NBC Sports television report about the engagement mechanisms used at the Nanjing Youth Olympic Games in 2014.

“We see Poken as instrumental in driving the engagement we want out of our participants,” Connor says.  Bryan adds: “We explored mobile-phone based gaming technologies in the past, but were disappointed with the level of participation, limited by the fact that everyone needs to download and use an app.  Poken is unique in providing an engaging, participant-to-participant exchange, supported by a solid set of digital interaction tools that can truly transform an event."  

Poken’s CEO Stephane Doutriaux says he is excited to be working with the Boy Scouts of America. “This new contract is testament to the fact that our technology platform is suitable for use at a wide range of events, from medical congresses to travel-industry trade shows, and now sporting and youth events,” he says.  

“The engagement mechanisms our team has developed are highly successful at fostering the type of spirit that any event, be it youth-related or serious business, want to see their participants embrace.  We’re delighted that the elite youth that are members of the Order of the Arrow will be using Poken to collect and win patches, which are such an integral tradition for the Scouts.”  

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