New version of CWT Travel App gives more power to users

TMC continues to solve pain points for travellers and travel arrangers

Carlson Wagonlit Travel (CWT) has released the latest version of its award-winning app, CWT To Go. Additions to version 11.0 of the app include new functionality to make it easier for assistants to monitor their travellers’ trips, enhanced airport maps and an extension of the click-to-call service, making it even easier for travellers to get in touch with a consultant.

David Moran, executive vice president, CWT, said, “This is the next step towards our goal of creating the super app for managed travel - one that gives clients and travellers exactly what they need, when and where they need it. The enhancements come as a result of both focus groups and user feedback, as well as vision for the future of managed travel applications.”

The travel arranger tool is designed to help the busy executive assistant who books travel for multiple travellers. It solves an important pain point for travel arrangers by allowing them to view all their travellers’ upcoming trips in CWT To Go. It does so by automatically syncing all the data to the app, removing the manual tracking process. Flight changes are displayed prominently on the dashboard to help the arranger proactively look for alternative options. And they can also use the app to send an SMS to travellers when itineraries change.

The travel arranger functionality is easy to access - no additional log-in is needed - so travel arrangers can keep track of their travellers’ trips alongside their own. The next stage, which is already in development, will include the ability to book travel and manage profiles for their travellers.

CWT To Go 11.0 features airport maps in collaboration with HERE, a leader in navigation mapping and location experiences. Users can easily find restaurants, shops, lounges, baggage claim and other useful facilities in more than 350 airports across the world, helping travellers speed through the airport.

CWT is also strengthening the connection between travellers and its consultants in North America by pre-populating the traveller’s local branch number in the app. When things – for example flights - change, travellers have easy access to someone who can help, without having to search through paperwork.

Moran concluded, “As a leading travel management company, it’s up to us to help travellers be more productiveby giving them great tools at their fingertips. That could mean helping them navigate an unfamiliar airport, or giving them easier access to our consultants when they need a helping hand. Meanwhile, we’re making the lives of busy travel arrangers easier and saving them time by giving them the information they need in one place.”

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