New app btrfly reveals London outperforming other hubs as top networking location

As the end of the summer holidays is in sight, those looking to make the most productive return to work should turn their attention to the latest business hotspots revealed by a new networking app, btrfly.

Latest figures published by btrfly have revealed that airports in London are the most popular for business travellers keen to network. On average 600 users have stated that they are available to network by ‘checking in’ to the app at airports across the capital over the last two months, comfortably ahead of its closest follower Istanbul at 400 users. Paris was third with 117, followed by Amsterdam with 116, Frankfurt at 84 and Zurich at 57.

Designed to enable business travellers to make the most of their business trips, btrfly allows users to view when and where industry colleagues are travelling from and to when they get to the airport. Whether it’s swapping notes on a conference or sharing a taxi it is enabling business travellers across the globe to make the most of their time out of the office.

Cenk Gurz, btrfly CEO comments:
“Since our launch we have tracked downloads and usage at airports across Europe. London has always been an important hub for business. The volume of check-ins we are recording is proof positive that for those keen to make the most of their business trip and use travelling as a time to network and seek out new opportunities, London is in a unique position. The capital brings finance and technology professionals together and it is arguably the most creative city in Europe. People often regard the boardroom as the place to meet but why not the airport? Our figures show that networking on the go is growing in popularity both in London and further across Europe and we look forward to seeing which other locations grow in popularity.”

btrfly covers 380 airports around the world and all scheduled flights. The app is available to download on iOS from the App Store with the Android version due in the next few months.  

The company is a member of The Traveltech Lab, a London-based incubator that supports the growth of travel technology companies. It is located within the riverside offices of London & Partners, the Mayor’s promotional company for London, and supported by Trampery.

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