Museums and Galleries investing in technology to host events

Investment in cloud technology helps prestigious cultural centres to hire out spaces for meetings and events
According to Priava, the leading cloud-based venue management software company, museums, galleries and other cultural centres around the globe are looking beyond their general admission sales and ticketed exhibitions to boost their overall incomes, by taking advantage of their impressive facilities to host meetings and events.

Head of Sales for EMEA at Priava, Michael Jeanes commented, "The physical buildings that house some of the world's greatest art collections and exhibits are also incredibly impressive in their own right and are perfect venues for hosting meetings and events. With increasing pressure on funding and indeed with some cultural institutions offering free admittance, it is becoming more common for museums and galleries to seriously explore the opportunities of hiring out their spaces."

Events and educational tours can be managed centrally

In turn, the introduction of cloud-based technology that can be accessed from any location is helping in-house events coordinators to more efficiently run a busy events calendar throughout the year as well as being used for booking and managing educational tours. As a centralised system that can be accessed by the whole organisations cloud-based venue management software offers significant time-savings in day to day administration and management of bookings and is capable of supporting the delivery of a high volume of lucrative functions and tours.

Michael Jeanes adds, "The number and type of functions that cultural organisations are hosting is really expanding with hundreds of events being held every year from weddings and conventions through to parties, dinners and business meetings. The appeal of such venues is that they can offer something a bit different and out of the ordinary which is ideal for those that want to enjoy an event in a unique setting."
Hosting meetings or events is an obvious way of creating additional monies from existing facilities that can be re-invested to fund new collections, artefacts or refurbishments.

Some of the World's most iconic museums, galleries and cultural centres who are using technology from Priava to maximise the return from hosting events include:

Natural History Museum  
British Motor Industry Heritage Trust  
Royal Airforce Museum Hendon  
Royal Museums Greenwich  
National Museums of the Royal Navy  
Museums Liverpool  

How museums, galleries and cultural centres benefit from deploying cloud-based technology to manage events
Some of the key reasons why cultural organisations are investing in technology to help book and run events are:
• Saves administrative time so time can be re-focused on event sales
• Better tracking of space and availability leading to greater occupancy and revenues throughout the year
• In built-CRM and marketing tools encourages repeat bookings year on year
• Centralised on-line system means staff can work anywhere e.g. on-site or at home
• Boosts staff motivation and morale as system reduces mundane activities such as inputting of data
• Supports cultural institutions' growing demand for hospitality
• Intelligent reporting reveals trends that help future planning, focus and investment
• Ability to support additional revenues from supplier commissions e.g. outside caterers etc.
• Enables up-selling packages
• Reduced IT costs as all software updates and maintenance are managed by the provider
• Customise event packages to include venue hire, catering items and tickets to exhibitions etc.

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