Lumi launches QuickSay to speed mobile adoption

New app set to transform surveys for the smartphone age

Lumi, a global market leader in real-time audience insight technology, today launched a new respondent engagement tool designed to bring market research in line with current consumer behaviour, enhance panellist engagement and ensure fewer dropouts.

Based on extensive research on how we use our mobile phones, Lumi QuickSay addresses the industry’s slow adoption of mobile by a ‘little and often’ approach and by saving researchers extensive extra redesign work.  

The industry’s initial reaction for the need for mobile surveys has been to focus on ‘device agnostic’ polls rather than design a native app that is respondent-centric. However, although traditional surveys take around 25 minutes to complete, research shows that over a third of all app sessions are under 1 minute – and under 5 minutes for 70% of the entire sample. These findings mirror the statistics on mobile phone and app usage in general.  

Lumi QuickSay addresses this huge discrepancy by feeding respondents only two precise ‘nuggets’ or questions per session and recommending no more than two sessions a day. In this way it moves market research away from the concept of surveys to that of questions and mobile diaries.  

“However, we are not trying to change the way researchers are doing their work or rethink their methods. Lumi QuickSay will take a survey as it is, but offer the questions in this new, intuitive way,” says Shaima Abdelmageed, Product Manager at Lumi.  

“Our research focused on why no industry has talked more about mobile, but done less to promote its deployment,” Shaima Abdelmageed adds. “It’s no secret that respondents think that surveys are too long, but many feel they have done enough if they cut 45 minutes’ worth of questions down to 15.  

“However, to be truly mobile first and to carry out research in a way that matches how we all actually use our phones, the concept of a survey as it has always been understood must disappear. It’s understandable that researchers want to stick to tried and tested formats, but Lumi QuickSay addresses the very shifts in behaviour the industry is there to analyse and understand.”

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