Join the MileHi App Club - connect, engage and fly

MileHi App Club, screen shots
The new MileHi application is set to revolutionise the way that we travel by allowing users to engage and message fellow passengers who are travelling on the same flight. With MileHi every flight you take will be filled with potential future business contacts and friends. 

The possibilities opened up by this new platform will appeal to all passengers travelling whether it is for business or pleasure.

Frequent business travellers will be able to engage with other users on the same flight allowing networking opportunities before they have even boarded the aircraft. Use MileHi private direct messaging to arrange a meeting in the airport lounge and even ensure that you are seated together to then continue discussions onboard and arrive at your destination already ahead of the competition.

The app is perfect for those who happen to be going to the same conference or the same city to do business. For example, users could arrange to share a taxi from the arrival airport to save on business expenses.

Richard Lloyd, Founder of MileHi, said: “This application has been designed from the ground up to allow an easy and convenient way for passengers to connect prior to travel. Business users can now network with peers travelling on the same flight and maximise the potential of their time onboard a flight.”

Following the quick and easy set up of a profile a user can enter the details of any flight thanks to the application’s use of ICAO and IATA data. Once registered on a flight you can send a message to all the other MileHi users who will be travelling on that flight and even send direct private messages to individuals. The application also has a convenient ‘left and right swipe’ option that enables users to see who is travelling to the same destination on the same flight number the day before or the day after their own flight.

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