Innovation Enterprise empowers event teams to go digital with Guidebook at over 80 events

Wayne Morris, Vice President, International at Guidebook
Guidebook today announces that Innovation Enterprise (IE) is the latest organisation to adopt its platform to deliver event apps at scale across multiple events internationally.
Attracted by the ease of use, rapid implementation and strong functionality of Guidebook’s mobile event apps, IE has now scaled its use of Guidebook’s intuitive Builder tool to create mobile event apps across the organisation. Guidebook Builder enables event organisers to self-build and manage mobile event apps, with regular training updates and support available from the Guidebook success team where required. To date, more than 80 IE events have been transformed from paper-based programmes and content to a predominantly digital solution within just six months using Guidebook as a platform.

Nathan Meyer, Head of Digital at IE, comments: “Guidebook has really given us a slick tool to quickly and easily adopt digital and move increasingly away from paper. Not only has this reduced our print costs significantly in a relatively short window, but also this has really changed the way we manage our events.  

“Our event planners are now equipped with a great tool to manage content, assess what is interesting to delegates and improve the whole event experience by interacting better with attendees and developing new features and functionality. With Guidebook, we have found a partner that has enabled our business to continue to innovate and improve how we do things. We are really excited for the future and delighted with how quickly we have been able to realise our goals with Guidebook.”  

Wayne Morris, Vice President, International at Guidebook, adds: “Nathan and the team at IE had a clear vision from the outset that they wanted to partner with a company capable of delivering a scalable solution quickly and painlessly. Guidebook was conceived to do just that: provide a slick, scalable platform that is easy to use and really delivers a better event experience. It’s exciting to see how quickly the team have adopted our platform and started to innovate new ways of using Guidebook to create even better events for delegates.  

"According to a report by McKinsey in September 2015, companies expect digital initiatives to deliver growth and cost efficiencies of between 5-10% in the next three to five years. Yet despite this, the report also found that few companies see these returns because digitizing at scale is uniquely complex.  One way to solve that complexity is to choose the right technology partner. Companies that recognise the value of digitizing their businesses know that moving towards agile, flexible and collaborative solutions will reap long term rewards, and that is exactly what Guidebook has provided to IE with this project."  

Following the success of an initial pilot project in summer 2015, IE chose to commit to Guidebook as its platform of choice to transform how its numerous events are managed. Throughout 2016, the company anticipates delivering around 120 events internationally using the new platform to create mobile event apps.  

IE has created mobile event apps for over 7,000 delegates across digital, finance, big data, strategy, analytics and more.

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