IFEMA, eBay and MODDO launch a pioneering on-line project for the trade fair sector

Susana Voces, general manager of eBay in Spain and Italy; Eduardo López-Puertas, managing director of IFEMA, and Diego de Vicente, founder and CEO of MODDO, after signing the cooperation agreement.
FERIARTE and ALMONEDA will be the world's first on-line store for international art and antique collectors on the eBay platform
IFEMA, eBay and MODDO have officially joined forces to start up a pioneering technology project, which will enable Institución Ferial de Madrid to become the sector's first operator to launch a digital store on the vast global e-commerce platform to market pieces exhibited at the Feriarte and Almoneda trade fairs during the year.

This will give IFEMA’s digitalisation plan a new line of action in collaboration with two excellent technology partners, through an alliance that will give art and antique collectors and consumers real time access via the Internet and satisfy the international demand for unique works.  

This ambitious project is part of the IFEMA digitalisation plan, on which the institution has been working for several months. The collaboration agreement that will lead to the activation of the first digital store in the trade fair sector was signed today by Eduardo López-Puertas, managing director of IFEMA; Susana Voces, general manager of eBay in Spain and Italy, and Diego de Vicente, founder and CEO of MODDO.  

The digital store will go live with FERIARTE, Art and Antiques Fair, from 18 to 26 November 2017, offering exhibitors an on-line sales channel for marketing all the pieces and works on display at the trade fair, selected by a committee of experts, which will boost potential sales in Spain and abroad, 365 days of the year. The benefits of marketing their pieces through the digital platform will also be available to participants in ALMONEDA, Antiques, Art Galleries and collectors fair, from 7 to 15 April 2018.  

With this initiative, IFEMA will take its place at the forefront of the trade fair sector, with 100% Spanish technology by MODDO and in collaboration with eBay, one of the world leaders in online sales, which currently has more than 169 million active users around the world. The main objective of digitalising sales through eBay is to provide an omni-channel marketing platform for all IFEMA trade fairs, making their products available in international and national markets all year, extending the influence and duration of the fair and stimulating the business through the digital platform.  

eBay is a leading sales platform, and the most dynamic in the world with presence in more than 190 countries, where it is possible to discover unique objects that are difficult to find anywhere else. With the potential and scope of eBay, galleries and antique dealers taking part in FERIARTE and ALMONEDA will have a showcase for the international market, on-line sales for a sector previously reserved for retailers, which will disseminate and promote Spanish art around the world.  

The digitalisation and innovation technology plan, which IFEMA will launch within the next few months, and which will receive a great boost from this initiative that may be extended to other trade fairs in the portfolio, is intended to give exhibitors and visitors a new method of achieving higher impact from their participation, by scanning their pieces and using virtual marketing techniques through a sales platform hosted on www.ebay.es.  

In the words of Susana Voces, general manager of eBay in Spain and Italy, “taking part initiatives like this one enables us to improve access to Spanish art in a global market, by offering tools and support to artists for the unique pieces on display at Feriarte and Almoneda, making them available to more than 169 million users through eBay at any day and from any place”.  

According to Diego de Vicente, founder and CEO of MODDO, “this experience is a great technological challenge, which will launch small and large collectors on international markets by integrating their collections on the platform in real time, also including an infinite gateway of marketable pieces from the traditional gallery itself”.  

In the meantime, Eduardo López-Puertas, managing director of IFEMA, says that “this initiative represents an important challenge for IFEMA, because we see this innovation process as an extraordinary opportunity to increase the influence of the fairs and our customers’ businesses. This alliance with the main eBay on-line platform and with technology provider MODDO has enabled us to identify a clear need for innovation, to which others will be added in the coming months. This work will optimise management of the activity and of the trade fair business, and encourage interaction between the different agents involved. These objectives will be pivotal to IFEMA’s activity and business over the next five years”.

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