HotelTonight introduces Bonus Rate and Rate Drop; new ways to get even better discounts on handpicked hotels

HotelTonight, the leading last-minute hotel booking app, today announced the availability of Bonus Rate and Rate Drop, two innovative new rate options that save travellers even more money and give hotels even more ability to direct their marketing efforts at only the most valuable new guests. These new and exclusive deals are available from seven days in advance up to 2 a.m. the day of booking and are not found through any other travel app or website.

Both new offers – that deliver savings of up to 40 per cent off hotel rates found on other travel sites – are location-specific and only customers within certain areas can capitalise on them. Details here:
·         Rate Drop ­– a special same-day offer that appears in the app starting at 3 p.m. at nearby hotels. Rate Drop is available globally starting today 
·         Bonus Rate – as a rotating offer that can be found up to seven days in advance, hotels offer these special lower-than-ever rates to interest travellers from other locations to visit their destination. Bonus Rate is available immediately in select cities and will be rolled out to all HotelTonight destinations in the coming weeks.  

For more information on Rate Drop and Bonus Rate, availability and details on how to find and access these offers, please visit the HotelTonight blog  

“Four years ago, we invented same-day mobile discounts and a better way to book a last-minute hotel stay. Today, we’ve announced the next great innovation in hotel booking, again leveraging the unique capabilities of mobile technology," said Sam Shank, Co-Founder and CEO of HotelTonight. "Utilising these new offers, consumers can book at the last minute and find unbeatable discounts at amazing hotels, and our hotel partners will fill more empty rooms. It's a true win-win that we're tremendously proud and excited about."  

HotelTonight’s innovative, proprietary hotel management platform gives hoteliers real-time control over the new offers, allowing them to target specific locations and select additional discounts. These offers are applied at the hotels discretion, and can be added or modified instantly across all platforms. This enables hotels to quickly sell inventory up until 2 a.m. and ensure that all of their rooms are filled (with HotelTonight guests who just scored a great deal!).  

HotelTonight pioneered last-minute mobile booking, and is once again revolutionizing the space. By building strong relationships with hotel partners, and guiding them in offering exclusive, unprecedented discounts to travellers, HotelTonight is continuing on its never-ending quest to make the travel and booking experience simple, fun and useful for all parties.

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