Hotelogix launches Application Programming Interface for hotel groups & chains

This month, cloud-based PMS launches a new Application Programming Interface (API) for hotel groups & chains, which enables development of a mobile- and or tablet-based property management application, customised to specific requirements.
The new Hotelogix API offers a solution for hotel groups and hotel brands that want to retain their own unique processes, when it comes to product management.

Using the new Hotelogix APIs, hoteliers can create their own exclusive PMS apps, for a level of enhanced control on their front desk management and housekeeping. This in turn allows them to target specific dynamics and address their business concerns with deeper insight and objectivity.

Hoteliers will have the ability to tailor their own interface also, allowing staff greater bandwidth to focus on improving guest experience, due to the app’s simplicity. Hoteliers won’t have to introduce a new complicated technology that takes time to learn, rather using the existing tools and workflows their workforce is already accustomed or conducive to using.

Crucially, the launch also offers ability to have a very simple user interface with limited options with which to work, opening up the hotel industry to a wider array of management.

Prabhash Bhatnagar, Founder of Hotelogix states: “This launch will empower hotel chains to adopt technology to automate their processes with greater control. The small and mid-segment hospitality industry is growing and transforming at a rapid pace. It needs flexibility and agility, in the way it adopts technology. Hotelogix’s new APIs will give just that.

“The hospitality industry in this segment has seen high cost of resources, high attrition and also has been pained by steep learning curve of complex systems. This one new approach will address all these issues and also widen the scope of employability, whereby hotels would not need to necessarily employ experienced hospitality specialists or professionals on their front desks, for regular operational tasks.”

From an existing Hotelogix customer: “We are a chain of under 20 keys budget properties and are exploring the possibility of employing people on our front desk who have basic education and little IT skills. This launch is set to cut down our costs by almost 60% on the same resource.”  

Hotelogix here points out 5 clear benefits of the new API to hoteliers…
• Complete flexibility and greater control of a PMS, without being overly dependent on a PMS vendor.  

• Ability to create a hotel’s own brand individuality in a PMS app, without compromising on any of the complexities involved in a fully-fledged PMS.  

• Ability to provide a rich, tablet-based user interface, so intuitive it will not require a hotel management graduate to operate the front desk.  

• Assist to increase the hotelier’s staff resource base and reduce operation costs for all member hotels with which hotel brands may work, as the new API will lower costs of training and retraining.  

• The API may further lower costs for hoteliers, by allowing properties to employ team members who may not have had formal hospitality education and experience.

Bhatnagar concludes: “We compare this progress, much like products being developed on Sales Force. We at Hotelogix are excited about the API launch and will eagerly keep a close eye on how this segment of the market responds to our approach.”

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