Hotelogix announces integration with Pricematch, the cloud-based property management and distribution system designed for independent hotels, announces an integration with PriceMatch - the leading online revenue management solution.
Available in English, French, Spanish, and Portuguese, Hotelogix offers independent hospitality businesses around the world a practical, cloud-based solution to typical challenges that they face in their operations. Revenue management is one of these challenges, especially when a hotelier is competing with other businesses in similar localities and service offerings. Price is often the differentiator for travellers, making optimal room pricing a top priority for hoteliers.

PriceMatch utilises a dynamic pricing model to ensure hotels are maximising their revenues, based on factors such as season, timing, and other available market information. The system synthesises data from the hotel, as well as its competitors, to ensure the best possible rates per room.  

PriceMatch displays the recommended rates across a common inventory, and can be integrated with Hotelogix through a single click. The hotelier can then apply the optimal rate automatically across all booking channels. This integration ensures hoteliers are marketing their rates competitively and updates to the hotel’s inventory are made in real time.  

Alta Piazza, a medium-sized hotel in Buenos Aires, has enjoyed the benefits, reaped from its two-way integration with Hotelogix and PriceMatch. This integrated solution has enabled Alta Piazza to raise room rates by 17% without losing occupancy. The pricing tool recommends day-by-day rates to the hotel to be updated across online travel agencies, web booking engines, and the PMS.   

As Revenue Manager Patricia Etchehun explains, “The staff only requires 30 minutes each morning to analyse and update the daily rates, and decide on promotional offers.” The PriceMatch algorithms take into account a variety of factors relevant to the hotel’s past bookings and competition.

  “We added a revenue management service that will work seamlessly for users of both Hotelogix and PriceMatch. It is an important milestone that is in line with our commitment of keeping our customers ahead of the technology curve, making them more competitive and profitable,” states Prabhash Bhatnagar, Founder of Hotelogix.

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