Hotelogix and Hotelrunner join hands to offer a free channel manager to small & mid-sized hotels

Combined solution of Hotelogix’s Cloud PMS and HotelRunner’s Channel Manager to fuel technology adoption in this hospitality segment.

Hotelogix and HotelRunner are excited to announce a valuable partnership for small and mid-sized independent hospitality businesses to boost online sales and better organise operations.
The Hotelogix Cloud PMS is used by independent hotels, B&Bs, resorts, and group properties in 85+ countries. HotelRunner is a cloud-based hotel online sales and channel management platform that helps hotels increase their online presence and outreach.

With the small and mid-sized hospitality segment growing at a rapid pace, there is a clear need for simple and affordable solutions that can improve their global reach and enhance operational efficiency. This strategic alliance brings together Hotelogix’s industry-recommended Cloud PMS technology that streamlines day-to-day operations with HotelRunner’s reliable and powerful Channel Manager, a Preferred IT Provider of and a Premium Partner of TripAdvisor, that connects hotels to the world’s leading online booking channels.  

The partnership also eliminates the barriers to entry that small and mid–sized properties typically face when adopting new technologies. It ensures properties can automate their key processes, allowing them to work reliably and profitably with demand generators and thereby maximising their business potential.  

Hotelogix and HotelRunner share the common vision of making simple to use, easy to adapt, and inexpensive technology, readily accessible to the independent hospitality market segment. The two companies will jointly deliver a seamless experience on the best-in-class cloud technology platform, providing major cost savings for hotels.     

“Smaller properties have limited resources and face greater challenges when distributing rooms on multiple channels as well as managing fulfillment while maintaining rate parity. We have partnered with HotelRunner because of their strong commitment towards this segment of independents, which has translated into appreciable success in this area. Both companies share the vision of making it easy for independent hotels to adopt technology that fuels higher demand for their business and eliminates distribution challenges,” explains Prabhash Bhatnagar, the Founder of Hotelogix.  

The combined solution allows smaller hotels to better compete with larger brands and attract more guests. "We strongly believe that channel management is much more effective for small and mid-sized properties when integrated with a strong property management system ensuring full control over their inventory and reservations. Providing an easy to use and powerful PMS solution for hotels, we value the partnership we have built with Hotelogix, empowering hotels to grow their market outreach substantially as well as simplifying and automating their day-to-day operations," said Tolga Yalcinkaya, Co-Founder of HotelRunner.  

This exciting initiative is seeing a positive initial response. Tolga Dinc, Owner of the Yaprak Hotel, a 14-room property in Dalyan, Turkey has already experienced success in utilising this partnership. “The joint offering not only helps us connect to the online sales channels we want to be on, but also ensures that we never miss a booking or a cancellation,” he says.

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