Hospitality tech firm Hotelogix unveils four new features this spring

Founder of Hotelogix Prabhash Bhatnagar
Hospitality tech firm integrates key card system and launches live app for Android, plus adds third-party accounting software and point of sale features
Cloud-based hotel management system has unveiled four new major features for its hospitality clients this spring.
Hotelogix connects with ShawMan (Ultra POS)
The firm has implemented the first level of integration with a third-party Point of Sale (POS) 'ShawMan' - Ultra POS. This lets hotel clients manage their own POS from a more intuitive interface and post bills from ShawMan to Hotelogix PMS, whether a direct settlement, transfer to room or a city ledger bill.

Launches Pocket PMS live for Android along with ID scan feature 
Hotelogix has made its mobile app – ‘Pocket PMS’ live for Android users. Now clients can run their complete hotel from their smartphone mobile app. Streamlining front desk activities, the app simplifies tasks for employees with a simplistic, user-friendly interface.  

Integration of Key Card System
Hotelogix can also now support generating keys for keyless locks, operated by key cards in hotels. If clients already have a key card system being used at reception, they can then generate keys for every room in the reservation, from their own Hotelogix platform.  

Hotelogix connects with third-party accounting software
Hotelogix has also connected with 'Alif' – a specialised accounting system that not only takes care of day to day accounting requirements but also gives a host of MIS reports, such as balance sheets, P&L accounts and trial balances, at any period.  

On these new developments, Founder of Hotelogix Prabhash Bhatnagar comments: “We are extremely happy to aggregate the extra value for our customers, which comes from growing Hotelogix partnerships. Our recent integrations help in improving efficiency at Hotels, and add opportunities of revenue generation with better operational insights & control. We are committed to offer the best options that the technology has to offer, and therefore connect to some of the best known names in the industry. 

“Our partnerships are strategic, and let us offer enterprise-grade features that would otherwise be inaccessible without a premium. Being on the cloud has its benefits, and we help harness its power for our Hotel users, to compete effectively with the bigger brands,” concludes Bhatnagar.