Guidebook launches unique Mobile Admin feature for on-the-go app changes

Guidebook’s new Mobile Admin feature is an industry first
Leading mobile app specialist Guidebook today announces the launch of a unique feature which allows users to make last-minute changes to app content directly via their mobile devices.  
Guidebook’s new Mobile Admin feature gives app creators the power to manage their content directly from their mobile phone, an industry first. From making an announcement to changing the event schedule, the feature provides an opportunity to make critical last-minute changes whilst on the go.

Mobile Admin is available exclusively to users of Guidebook’s app builder, providing a simple yet powerful tool that can create mobile applications for a variety of uses in companies and educational institutions including tradeshows, meetings, orientations, interactive campus tours and more.  

Wayne Morris, Vice President, International at Guidebook explains: “At Guidebook we listen very carefully to feedback from our clients and many asked about being able to manage their apps or guides on the go via their mobile phones.  

“Event organisers in particular are very busy people who frequently travel from one venue to another and don’t want the hassle of having to lug their computer around everywhere with them. Guidebook’s Mobile Admin offers a unique solution to event organisers who want to send last-minute announcements, notifications, make room changes or update an event schedule directly via their mobile phone. With Mobile Admin, event organisers are in control.”  

“Guidebook is the first to bring this capability to administrators and become truly mobile,” he adds.

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