Giant iTab launch ‘Enterprise Lab’ product

Giant iTab has launched a new ‘Enterprise Lab’ version of its award-winning hardware, aimed specifically for app, software and digital marketing developers. The product is already being used by a number of event tech companies, as well as training, testing and design departments in businesses across industries from automotive to tourism.

The giant smart phone is perfect for new product and design demonstrations within companies building software at BETA stage. The large format recreates the app and enables developers the chance to get a closer – and a larger – view of apps, website, on line and mobile marketing as they are in development. Giant iTabs are already being used by many businesses, not just to reduce the amount of ‘small screen huddling’, but to demonstrate touch screen and gestures on a giant screen, that replicates exactly the user experience of the smaller screen.

“Increasingly, out Giant iTabs are being used for training, testing and presentations. Both for conventional video, PowerPoint etc., but also for on-line marketing, design and app demonstrations,” commented Mark Jones, founder & CEO, Giant iTab. “This is happening in retail outlets, within internal meetings, sales presentations, and amongst large businesses and as a presentation aid within research and development labs.”

The software installed on the Enterprise Lab Giant iTabs is more sophisticated, and tailored to the needs of developers. The hardware itself is available in a larger size, so can be used from small intimate internal huddles, too larger company conferences.

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