Eventbrite launches HelloSign integration to simplify waivers and forms with eSignatures for event organisers

HelloSign, the easiest way to electronically sign legally binding documents, announces today a partner integration with Eventbrite, a leading global ticketing platform which powers over two million events a year. The first-of-its-kind integration makes it possible for Eventbrite customers to seamlessly create, populate, collect, and track documents requiring legally binding signatures for their events including liability waivers, race waivers, photo release waivers, sponsorship/exhibitor agreements, contracts, and more — all directly from their event dashboard.

Once the extension is enabled, any registered attendees will automatically receive the document for signature and any new registered attendees will receive the document as they join. HelloSign Waivers & Forms is currently the exclusive eSignature and document management extension available to Eventbrite customers and can be accessed now in Eventbrite Spectrum.

With the HelloSign Waivers & Forms extension, event organizers using Eventbrite can:
• Send event documents to attendees who have already registered at once and automatically to any new attendees as they join
• Create templates for documents that are sent repeatedly
• Auto-fill text fields in documents with attendee information pulled from Eventbrite
• Get real-time tracking and export of completion status of documents out for signature • Send custom waivers for different ticket types
• Brand event documents with their logo, company name and more

“We recognise that managing liability waivers can be an incredibly complicated process for event organisers, especially for endurance events that typically have thousands of participants,” said Dylan Serota, Head of Platform at Eventbrite. “When we evaluated potential integration partners to streamline this process, we found that HelloSign’s ease of use, incredible design and powerful functionality aligned perfectly with our vision of creating a seamless document flow for our customers.”

The HelloSign Waivers & Forms extension can be found in Eventbrite Spectrum, a one-stop destination for third-party extensions that gives Eventbrite customers easy access to best-in-class technologies. Event organisers can utilise these extensions to create a more effective and robust event management experience directly within Eventbrite.

"In support of our mission to create frictionless agreements, we've built the first and only developer-friendly eSignature API designed for easy and fast integration. When given the opportunity to solve a complicated problem for millions of Eventbrite users with our API, we didn't hesitate,” says Whitney Bouck, COO at HelloSign. “There’s such a clear value-add as a result of the integration to both parties and most importantly, our joint customers.”

Electronically signing with HelloSign eliminates the hassle of printing, scanning, faxing and snail-mailing valuable documents. Businesses that use HelloSign can benefit from up to a 93% reduction in turnaround time with contracts resulting in an 8% increase in forward revenue on top of an average of $48K in annual savings due to increased employee efficiency. With features like team management, branding, templates, transparent pricing and more, HelloSign makes it easy for businesses to utilise eSignatures. All documents signed through HelloSign are legally binding under the 2000 U.S. Electronic Signature in Global and National Commerce Act (ESIGN), Uniform Electronic Transactions Act (UETA) and European Directive (EC/1999/93. Data passed through HelloSign stays secure with SSL encryption and world-class server infrastructure.