Eventbrite introduces Pick-a-Seat functionality

New feature comes free to all event organisers / seat plans created in minutes

Eventbrite, the world’s leading self-service ticketing platform, today launched a self-service reserved seating solution, allowing event attendees to pick their own seats. The new functionality is available to all organisers on Eventbrite.co.uk at no additional cost.

This new solution will offer more sophisticated technology for Eventbrite's customers all across the UK. It will also open the company up to more types of events and venues in the future, including comedy shows, conferences, galas, performing arts, spectator sports and community centers.

"At Eventbrite, we are focused on addressing the biggest problems organisers and attendees face: lack of innovation, customer support, and high ticketing fees," said Eventbrite CEO and Founder, Kevin Hartz. "Reserved seating has been broken for years, and we are replacing it with simple, yet robust technology."

At the core of Eventbrite's reserved seating solution is Eventbrite's Seat Designer, an intuitive browser based interface that provides organisers with drag and drop seat planning, streamlined event flow, seamless inventory management, and a premium experience for attendees from point of purchase through to the event experience itself.

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